Thin Oil Plate Hydraulic Cylinder

Quick Details Brand Name:YOUZHI Model Number:HTB-LAM Place of Origin:Taiwan Cylinder body material:Carbon steel Bore of cylinder:φ20、φ25、φ32、φ40、φ50、φ63、φ80 Diameter of piston rod:φ10、φ16、φ25、φ32、φ38 Shaft end type:N or W ,female male thread Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details:Standard...

Product Details

Quick Details

Brand Name:YOUZHI

Model Number:HTB-LAM/LWM

Place of Origin:Taiwan

Cylinder body material:Carbon steel

Bore of cylinder:φ32-φ80

Max pressure:14Mpa

Shaft end type:N or W ,female male thread

LAM side mounting type(Single end rod)

LWM side mounting type (Double end rod)

Advantages of the hydraulic cylinder

1.The pneumatic system uses generally in 0.2-1.0 Mpa pressure range, so the cylinder cannot make the high-power power element. The hydraulic cylinder can do bigger power components, using the hydraulic system.

2.Tell from medium air can be unlimited, there is no cost and difficulty of supply, will be used directly into the atmosphere, easy to handle, not pollution, hydraulic oil, on the other hand.

3.The resistance is less than the hydraulic oil viscosity is small,.

4.But the air compression ratio is greater than the hydraulic oil, so its work stability and the response was far away. The hydraulic cylinder is the most important components of the hydraulic system,the hydraulic pressure will convert mechanical energy, and coordinates with all sorts of driving mechanism, complete all kinds of mechanical movement. The hydraulic cylinder has simple structure, large output force, stable and reliable performance, convenient in operation and maintenance, application range, etc.


Installation type

AxialSD-single end rod;SW-double end rod 
SideLA-single end rod;LW-double end rod 
Range of pressure(Mpa/cm²)0.5-14
Therange of speed
The range of temperature-10~+60℃
Fluid Filtered oil
Acting type Double acting
Material of cylinder barrelCarbon steel

E.g.:HTB-LAM35*40W mean is HTB-thin cylinder series,type of LA Vertical Manifold single rod,the bore of cylinder is 35 and the stroke is 40mm,the shartend type is "W".

Oil cylinder two-dimensional figure

Ordering code



 Mounting type

LAMsingle end rod type
LWMdouble edn rod type
bore of cylidnerΦ32,Φ40,Φ50,Φ63
standard stroke20,30,40,50
rid end typeN-female thread;W-male thread 

Strole:10mm with out key

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Standard package for Oil Hydraulic cylinder

Delivery Time:15 days for Oil Hydraulic cylinder


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