Cutting Fluid Floating Oil Purification Machine Oil-water Separator

Cutting Fluid Floating Oil Purification Machine Oil-water Separator

Product Description Patented buoy absorber designed to automatically adjust with water level the whole height,the smallest device size,low level can also work positive Often,the minimum operating altitude is only 5cm. Patent design vacuum suction filtration, power off after the oil Switch...

Product Details

Product Description


Patented buoy absorber designed to automatically adjust with water level the whole height,the smallest device size,low level can also work positive Often,the minimum operating altitude is only 5cm.

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    Patent design vacuum suction filtration,power off after the oil Switch settings.Prevent equipment in use,due to people waste oil spills caused by negligence pollution of the workshop.

The use of cutting fluid

The environmentally friendly products can be installed on the processing plant equipment,EX.CNC lathes,CNC machining centers,drlling,milling and other cutting fluid in the oil slick,fines,debris,clean cutting fluid,sterilization function,effectively extending the cutting Liquid life,reduce waste,protect the environment!Ar present,each manufacturer of CNC manufacturing machinery,oil and water separation functions,but!Limited effect.There will still be a little chute oil and impurities mixed with cutting fluid,chute oil covering the cutting fluid surface,will produce oxygen-consuming bacteria and anaerobic bacteria,resulting in cutting fluid deterioration,sticky,stench.The operator must work in a large number of jet,to clean the workpiece fixture,a large number of jet results,making the mixed impurities,chisel oil cutting fluid generated mist floating,making the field machine parts,tools are covered with grease,so that work Very poor environment,the fixture is not easy to clean and long time ,the accuracy of processing objects lower,more rapid tool wear and tear,productivity,processing efficiency can not be improved,The company developed its own cutting fluid purfication machine is based onthe vacuum generated by the vacuum suction and special structure of the {oil and water pumping tray},draw the surface of the chuteoil and corrosive cutting fluid and oil separation tank must be the way,So that the chute oil and the corrupt hair and clean cutting fluid separation,the abandoned chute oil and corrosive cutting fluid discharge,clean cutting fluid immediately back to the machine sink,to ensure that cutting fluid continued to be clean,without a large amount Jet,you can significantly reduce the cleaning time of the workpiece and fixture,and increase the machining efficienc,but also to reduce oil mist flying,so that staff efficiency and plant environmental quality significantly improved,do not need to change the cutting fluid,more environmentally friendly.

3.6.jpgProduct features

(1)Ozone sterilization
(2)Mobile,multiple devices take turns using
(3)No supplies,filters can be cleaned and reused
(4)Reduce waste water discharge
(5)Quickly collect the waste oil in the tank,and make oil and water separation
(6)Ensure that the operator,reducing the cutting fluid on the health hazards
(7)Extend cutting fluid usage time and increase tool life 
(8)The equipment per hour oil removal capacity of 10L/h
(9)Installation of a simple,asfe and independent system,without interference with the machine


Before use


After use

Purification plan

With the country’s emphasis on environmental emissions and the increase in corporate wastewater discharge costs,the Company introduced the cutting fluid filtration device for industrial equipment to reduce waste fluid emissions and extend the life of cutting fluid.At present,some areas in China,such as Kunshan and Shanghai Recycling of waste cutting fluids in other regions has risen to 5000 RMB per tonne.In response to the massive emision and emission reduction efforts,it is imperative that our specific product solutions be read as follows:Product Name:KSG-550 cutting oil floating oil purfication machine

Why cutting fluid smelly

Sinking oil tank without treatment,covering the surface of the cutting fluid resulting in anaerobic bacteria,but the cutting fluid base oil is the best nutrent source for anaerobic bacteria,resulting in anaerobic bacteria multiply,resulting in anaerobic response,the reaction generated by the elements that is the source of the smell.


To not change the original cutting fluid concentration and base oil principle,the effective removal of the main tank of oil slick,and then provide ozone to eliminate anaerobic bacteria generation and acidification cutting fluid,you can improve its stench problem,PH instability,and post Derived costs.
Workshop implementation
Workshop supporing methods:workshop equipment single machine with cutting fluid floating oil purification machine 
Specific implementation steps:workshop equipment as a unit supporting the model purifier,the oil slick individual treatment,the cutting fluid to achieve clean and reduce anaerobic Breeding bacteria to extend the life of cutting fluid to reduce the cost of cutting fluid business.


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