Medium Voltage Hydraulic Power Plant

Medium Voltage Hydraulic Power Plant

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Ningbo Youzhi Machinery Technology Co.,with its highly focused product quality,Innovative technology at home and abroad fits perfectly We combine the world's cutting-edge technologies with domestic prices to produce ultra-high-quality products. In the hold state, by reducing the speed of the motor to achieve a significant energy-saving requirements, thereby reducing the cost of electricity and reducing oil temperature  In 2017, the company won the "National Sira Quality Management System Certification" and the "High-tech Enterprise Certificate." 



innovation of the energy-saving hydraulic station

Principle of energy-saving hydraulic station: In the state of maintaining pressure, by reducing the motor speed, thereby reducing the cost of electricity consumption and reducing the oil rise, to achieve the effect of saving 70% of the power; the reaction time to the maximum displacement during packing pressure is about 0.1 seconds The use of German sensors, self-made controllers, and the integration of custom servo technology, high-sensitivity sensing system, can achieve stop or operation switching in 0.1 seconds; through the monitoring of pressure, with the working state of the load when necessary to provide the required Flow; small and lightweight structure, the equivalent power station uses only 30% of the oil storage, saving two-thirds of the oil, and space savings of more than 60%; as long as the connection of 200V/380V wire to action.

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Main Features for hydraulic power unit

Whether gas detection or hydraulic pressure detection, touch screen can also be set to facilitate machine maintenance. When the release signal is received, the solenoid of the other end of the solenoid valve will be energized and pressure will be applied to the output port B. When the gas-liquid mixing mode is used, the loose end of the valve will open and the output Y point All the time delay relays are added, and the delay parameters are modified on the touch screen. The larger the parameters, the slower the action, so that the controlled cylinders and cylinders will have a sequence when they are relaxed.




Medium voltage Hydraulic power plant



Motor Power



Three-phase four-wire system AC380V、With ground、50-60Hz

Pump flow


Output pressure


Fuel tank capacity


Hydraulic medium

N46 or N32 anti-wear hydraulic oil (select according to different ambient temperature


Gas inspection, pneumatic, hydraulic, alarm

Average oil temperature

<Room temperature+(5-10)℃

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The use of vane pump in general hydraulic station is prone to failure, the motor power factor is at the end, the oil temperature is high, the noise is loud, and the voltage fluctuation is large; the energy-saving hydraulic station uses a plunger pump with high service life, high efficiency, the highest level of motor IE3 power saving, oil temperature Constant temperature, noise at the end, stable voltage waveform.

Energy Comparison

Room Temp


Oil Temp

Motor Speed

Test Time

Oil Need

Wording Current

Electricity Consumption

Test Model









Normal Hydraulic system








MY NX 5400/50

Energy saving Hydraulic system









MY NX 5400/50


The product  used in CNC Ceter and Machine Center especially in Automobile and motorcycle industry. We have many successful cases in GrinderMillerPlanerBroacherShearing machineCombined machine tool etc.

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It is difficult for ordinary hydraulic stations to guarantee the supply of hydraulic oil with proper pressure and flow rate to meet the production process requirements. At this time, the quantitative pump needs to provide cooling method to reduce the temperature, and the cost increases. The three-phase asynchronous motor and the quantitative pump do more useless work, causing a lot of Energy waste reduces accuracy. The intelligent hydraulic station overcomes these problems to a great extent.*Design of energy-saving hydraulic station's oil pump control system. Each main pump can be started individually, or it can be started after the selected motor is selected according to program logic. When a certain motor is working, the electric control cabinet gives the pump. Work instructions. Each pump is steplessly depressurized starting with no load. If all pre-set main pumps are started for approximately 10 seconds, the proportional relief valve applies a control signal to allow the system to establish pressure.案例 (2).jpg 

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