2 Smart Manufacturing Unstoppable

- Apr 27, 2018 -

Informatization is the Only Way to Intelligent Manufacturing

The intelligent manufacturing industry system has gradually taken shape. The upstream industries are mainly components for manufacturing industries and related products at the perceived level. The midstream industry is mainly related to the information technology, management software and platform software of the network layer, while the downstream areas are mainly Executive and application layers, automated production lines and smart factories comprising industrial robots (300024), intelligent machine tools, and 3D printing.

With the deep integration of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing industries, China’s smart manufacturing development has achieved remarkable results. Positive progress has been made in key technology and equipment represented by high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots, and smart instrumentation; smart manufacturing equipment and advanced technology are in focus. The industry is becoming more and more popular. The digitized, networking, and intelligentization of manufacturing equipment in discrete industries is accelerating. The process control and manufacturing execution systems in the process industries are universally used. The key process flow rate has been greatly improved; in the typical industry, continuous exploration and development have gradually taken shape. Some new smart manufacturing models that can be replicated and promoted have laid a solid foundation for the further advancement of smart manufacturing. However, at present, China's manufacturing industry is still in the stage of mechanization, electrification, automation, and digital coexistence, and unbalanced development in different regions, industries, and enterprises. The development of smart manufacturing faces key common technologies and core equipment that are subject to human beings, the foundation of smart manufacturing standards/software/network/information security is weak, the maturity of new smart manufacturing models is not high, the overall system solution supply capacity is insufficient, and international industry giants are lacking. Cross-border integration of smart manufacturing talents and other outstanding issues.

  • Medium Voltage Hydraulic Unit
  • Multi-function Power Pack
  • Energy Hydraulic System
  • Energy Saving Hydraulic Pump Station
  • Hydraulic Lever Cylinder of Block Line Type
  • Thread-body Oil Cylinder Single Swing Cylinder

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