3 Smart Manufacturing Unstoppable

- Apr 27, 2018 -

Informatization is the key to intelligent manufacturing, industrial software is the core

The overall manufacturing industry can be divided into three major areas: R&D, manufacturing, and marketing services. Each link generates corresponding value. In the past, people once defined manufacturing as “the industry that converted raw materials into products through processing.” Output was a product, and its value added was mainly reflected in the processing process. That is, in the middle and early 20th century, the main value of manufacturing was reflected. In the processing and manufacturing sector, as market competition intensifies and product replacements accelerate, the value-added effects of product R&D, marketing, and service are significantly improved, and the output of the manufacturing industry is changing from a single product to a service and solution that includes products. As a result, the new manufacturing industry has become an industry that processes materials, information, and knowledge at the same time, and the manufacturing value curve has changed.

Industrial software is generally divided into R&D and design categories, production scheduling and process control, and business management. It has functions such as analysis, planning, configuration, and division of labor. It can improve the production efficiency and promote the company from the machine, workshop and factory level. Optimization of resource allocation and improvement of the synergy level of production lines play a decisive role in the integration of industrialization and informationization, and the integration of the digital world and the physical world.

  • Frequency-Conversion Hydraulic Unit
  • Energy Hydraulic Station
  • Energy Hydraulic Power Pack
  • Thin Oil Plate Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Spherical Washers for Fixture
  • Steel Ball Rollers for Fixture

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