Advantage of intelligent pressure transmitter

- Jan 29, 2018 -

Intelligent pressure transmitter, an intelligent transmitter formed by the relationship between sensor skills and microelectronics skills, has been widely applied in the current stage because of its great progress in function, accuracy, reliability, protection and configuration. The intelligentization of the transmitter is the first expression of self

Monitoring, remote communication skills, and the selection of micromachined electronic processing skills, ultra large scale integrated circuit (ASIC) and surface installation

It has the function of high reliability, wide range and stable temperature and pressure compensation.



1. the intelligent pressure transmitter can automatically compensate the nonlinearity, temperature drift and time drift of the sensor through software. 

The sensor can be self checked to see if the parts of the sensor are normal and make a judgment. Data processing is convenient and accurate, according to the interior

The program handles the data actively, such as computing and processing, removing abnormal values, and so on.

2. it has the function of two-way communication. The microprocessor can not only accept and process the sensor data, but also feed the information to the sensor.

The quantity process is adjusted and manipulated. It can store and recall information, and can store the feature data, configuration information and compensation characteristics of the sensor.

3. has the output function of the digital quantity interface, which can conveniently connect the output digital signal to the computer or the field bus.


High precision

Continuous adjustable range and zero point

Good stability

The positive migration is up to 500% and the negative transfer is up to 600%

Two-line system

Adjustable damping and overpressure

Design of solid sensor

Less mechanical movable parts and less maintenance

Light weight (2.4kg)

A full series of unified structures and strong interchangeability

Miniaturization (166mm high)

Selection of film material for contact medium

Unilateral anti pressure

Low pressure casting aluminum alloy shell

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