Friction stir welding

- Apr 29, 2018 -

First, the principle of friction stir welding

The use of a stirring head with a special shape of a rigid stirring finger rod rotates the insertion of the welded head, generates heat with the friction of the welded metal, stirs the friction, and at the same time combines the extrusion of the weld metal by the stirring head, so that the joint metal is In the plastic state, the stirring finger moves along the welding direction while rotating along the welding direction, and forms a dense metal-to-metal joint under the action of a heat-machine joint to realize the connection of materials.

Second, the characteristics of friction stir welding

Friction stir welding has many advantages over other welding methods because it is a solid-phase connection.

III. Advantages of friction stir welding

(1) Friction stir welding is an efficient, energy-saving connection method

For friction stir welding of 6xxx series aluminum alloy material with thickness of 12.5mm, single-pass welding can be done on both sides, the total power input is about 3kw; the welding process does not need to be filled with welding wire and inert gas protection; no beveling is needed before welding. And special treatment of the material surface.

(2) The base metal does not melt during welding. It is beneficial for all-position welding and high-speed connection.

(3) Suitable for welding materials with high heat sensitivity and different manufacturing conditions

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