How is the water in the hydraulic system mixed in? What are the hazards? What are the solutions?

- Apr 28, 2018 -

(1) Ways for water to enter the hydraulic system

1 mechanical failure, if the seal is not good, the cooling coil leaks water into the oil;

2 In the hot and humid climate, the fuel tank breathes and brings in;

3 The working environment is humid, underground, water, rain, snow and ice melt water pollution.

(2) Hazard of water to hydraulic system

1 It can react with hydraulic oil to form acid, colloid and sludge, and water can also precipitate additives in oil;

2 The most important effect of water is to reduce the lubricity. Traces of water dissolved in hydraulic oil can accelerate the wear of high-stress components. The study of the fatigue life of only mineral water-oiled rolling bearings shows that the bearing life is reduced by 30%-70%.

3 Water can cause the control valve to stick and cause cavitation damage at the pump inlet or other low pressure parts;

4 corrosion, rusty metal.

(3) The solution

1 Strengthen the monitoring of water content in oil;

2 hydraulic equipment for outdoor use, it is best to use the anti-tank breathing hole mounted dryer;

3 Conditional systems can be fitted with "Super Absorbent" dry filters.

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