How to commission a small hydraulic station

- Apr 29, 2018 -

When commissioning a small hydraulic station, three main factors are considered: the pump, hydraulic circuit, and circuit pressure of the small hydraulic station.

The first is the pump. If the pump meets the pressure of your circuit, you don't need to debug it.

The second is the hydraulic circuit. The general hydraulic circuit will have an overflow valve at the beginning to prevent the excessive pressure from damaging the valves and other components to protect them. Generally adjust this first. The value is lower than the maximum working pressure of your hydraulic components and higher than the required pressure.

The third is to adjust the pressure of your various loops. Pressure relief valve or something. The pressure is slowly adjusted according to demand. If you use a proportional valve, it is to adjust the speed of the cylinder. Can be adjusted according to production efficiency.

In fact, there is no unified adjustment method for the hydraulic station, but also depends on whether there is any influence between the branches. If it is a PLC control, it must be adjusted in conjunction with the program, and the effect will be better.

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