Hydraulic cylinder characteristics and failure analysis

- Nov 02, 2018 -

The natural color of the hydraulic cylinder is simple, the drilling machine is processed, and all the raw materials of the hydraulic cylinder are treated by the top heat treatment, and the special specifications of the grinding machine can be customized. Easy to carry, so that the cylinder continues to be difficult to wear. For surface baking treatment, a certain degree of parallelism and verticality should be adhered to. Otherwise, the cylinder will be subjected to a straight load with the trunnion as the fulcrum. The pin hole of the piston rod should be the same as the left pin of the ear pin hole (or trunnion). The cylinder should be supported in the middle of the cylinder and the piston rod. In order to prevent the occurrence of self-weight, it seems to be down.

Caused by emulsions, hoses or other fractions of degradable components. Such as dirt, as well as some internal components such as metal fragments, misuse or the use of incompatible materials can cause chemical erosion caused by liquid additives, hydrolysis and redox feedback. Occasionally small pieces of metal are embedded in the seal, and system foreign matter is another major component of the hydraulic seal. The best way to do this is to lay a dust ring or scraper roughly. The first reason for weakening the strength of the seals, the gravel, and the chemical stagnation of the hydraulic cylinder seals is the selection of inaccurate materials. For this reason, the chemical seals of the hydraulic seals are chemically loose and can be seen from time to time. As a result, the ice, the inner surface of the cylinder and the cylinder to be scratched, and the excessive wear and sealing leakage. Dust, or deformation of hydraulic system media. Soil and seal discoloration are also indicators of chemical attack. Chemical corrosion may cause the hydraulic seal interface to be remnant. It is usually made up of some external components. During the process of lowering the column, many external foreign objects will enter the machine system. The seal of the cylinder should not be too tight, especially U-shaped. When the seal is sealed, the flow resistance of the piston rod will increase.

If it is too tight, it has different decisions. The working conditions of the pneumatic cylinder and the hydraulic cylinder are the same, but their working principle is completely the same. One is the gas and the other is the application liquid. Hydraulic cylinders are divided into piston cylinders and plunger cylinders. The first consideration is the necessity of design and the convenience of workmanship. At present, there is a hydraulic cylinder used in the application of hydraulic cylinders. The application range is also very high. All over the place. It has also lost the most customers collectively, using one of the widest cylinders. And the driving force is much larger than the pneumatic cylinder. The material of the hydraulic cylinder is the same medium carbon steel. The plunger cylinder of the hydraulic cylinder can only work for one target. During the mission, the piston cylinder can be divided into oil supply at both ends of the piston. It is determined that the structure of the piston cylinder is composed of the piston and the rod body. Since the atmosphere capital is used for continuous use and no charge, the pressure test can be directly developed for the pressure vessel. The execution of the rod stiffness application for the rated high plunger does not necessarily have a choice. Can work in both directions. The facility can be used for lifting, bending, straightening, squeezing, shearing, rivet welding, jacking, stretching, disassembly, punching, construction of steel bars, bridges, construction machinery and other homework. The plunger cylinder is pistonless and has only a rod before installation. Consistent with regard to the occurrence of pressure, the pressure of the piston with the limit of the hydraulic cylinder is 16 megapascals, but it is developed according to atmospheric pressure. Apply for a general piston. Small cylinders consider the use of plungers; hydraulic cylinders are the best word of mouth today, but as a convenience for the application, in general, hydraulic cylinders are more rigid than the ones due to the consideration of density. For the cost, the pneumatic cylinder is more obvious than the upper cylinder of the hydraulic cylinder. The chamfer is broken and the root burr is broken. The large cylinder bore is considered to use the piston, otherwise the sealing body or the piston is easy to wear. To resist the cause of the situation.

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