Hydraulic CYLINDER piston Rod How should be repaired?

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Gas-liquid booster cylinder piston rod in the work after pulling injury, if not timely treatment, light will affect the use of products, serious words so that the hydraulic cylinder can not work. So how do we fix it? The lighter pull marks are repaired by local grinding and polishing methods, and the heavier pull marks are repaired by welding and artificial grinding.

The formation of the pull mark: After the breakup of the gas-liquid booster cylinder, it was found that a cylinder piston rod was severely pulled, and the pull mark was 6 side by step. The main causes of the piston rod pull injury are: Dust Ring embrittlement is a block off, not only lost the dust-proof role, and the department also accumulated a lot of dust and magazines, so that the piston rod directly with impurities hard grinding, resulting in the piston rod is pulled, scars and then blow the cylinder mouth rubber seal components, resulting in a serious leakage of hydraulic cylinder.

Repair requirements: Filler and base material must be combined firmly, smooth, seasoning must be durable and easy to hand-processing, manual processing must ensure that the piston rod diameter error less than 0.06mm. After analysis, decided to use filler for J422 electrode. Because, the acid electrode on rust, oil and water is not sensitive, not easy to produce hydrogen pores; good workmanship, easy to operate, weld forming beautiful, material hardness moderate, easy to hand-processing, arc stability, melting deep, and strong bond with the base material.

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