Hydraulic cylinder valve instructions

- Feb 28, 2018 -

Hydraulic pump is the energy source of the hydraulic system. It depends on the pump force to make the hydraulic oil enter the cylinder / piston through the hydraulic pipe. There are several sets of matched seals in the cylinder / piston. The seals of different positions are different, All play a role in sealing, so that hydraulic oil can not leak. Finally, through the one-way valve hydraulic oil in the tank so that the cylinder / piston cycle work. Hydraulic machine by the host and grasp the body of two major components. Part of the main hydraulic machine includes the fuselage, master cylinder, the top of the cylinder and liquid filling installation. Aluminum coil punching energy agencies by the fuel tank, low pressure pump, low pressure control system, motors and various pressure valves and directional valves and other components. Energy agencies in the electrical installation of mastery, through the pump and cylinder and a variety of hydraulic valve to achieve energy conversion, conditioning and delivery, to achieve a variety of process initiatives cycle.


Hydraulic cylinder (hydraulic motor and other implementing agencies): The hydraulic energy into mechanical energy Master the valve: grasp the flow of hydraulic oil, flow, pressure, hydraulic performance agencies such as the order of the task and cover the role of hydraulic circuit. The harder thing to say is to master and condition the flow, pressure, and flow of hydraulic media. So as to grasp the static direction of the implementing agency, input force or torque. Static speed. The order of action, and the task of limiting and conditioning the hydraulic system pressure to avoid overload and so on. (Such as check valve, reversing valve, relief valve, pressure reducing valve, sequence valve, throttle valve, speed control valve, etc.)

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