Hydraulic station filter maintenance method

- Apr 28, 2018 -

The hydraulic station filter is originally a consumable item, and it is necessary to immediately replace it after plugging. Hydraulic station filter should pay attention to detail maintenance is the key.

Pay attention to the hydraulic station filter system tank and pipeline clean, when refueling through the filter with the refueling device, do not let the oil in the tank directly with the air, the old and new oil do not mix, to extend the service life of the hydraulic station filter is still helpful of.

Hydraulic station filter maintenance work:

1. Ensure that the hydraulic oil is not used at high temperatures; the oil will soon deteriorate by oxidation at high temperatures;

2. The air filter on the hydraulic station should use a filter that can filter particles and can also filter moisture;

3. The use of precision filter filter hydraulic oil, so that the long-term contamination of oil products in the NAS <8, the filter device comes with a general filter accuracy is too poor, can not guarantee the cleanliness of hydraulic oil;

4. Centrifugal dehydration / vacuum dehydration.

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