Hydraulic station hydraulic system precautions

- Apr 28, 2018 -

1. The operator must be familiar with the operation essentials of the hydraulic element control mechanism; be familiar with the relationship between the rotation direction of the hydraulic element adjustment knob and the pressure and the change of the flow volume, etc. to prevent accidents caused by adjustment errors.

2. Check the oil temperature before starting the pump. If the oil temperature is lower than 10°C, it should be operated for more than 20 minutes without load to operate. If the room temperature is below 0°C or higher than 35°C, heating or cooling measures should be taken before starting. Always pay attention to the oil temperature rise during work. In normal operation, the temperature of the oil in the hydraulic system tank should not exceed 60°C; the oil temperature in the hydraulic system or the high pressure system tank of the program control machine should not exceed 50°C; the temperature rise of the precision machine tool should be controlled below 15°C.

3, hydraulic oil should be regularly checked and replaced. For the newly used hydraulic equipment, the tank should be cleaned and replaced with new oil within about 3 months. Afterwards, cleaning and oil change should be performed every six months or one year according to the requirements of the equipment instructions.

4, should pay attention to the working condition of the filter during use, the filter should be cleaned or replaced regularly.

5. If the equipment is not used for a long time, all adjustment knobs should be loosened to prevent the permanent deformation of the spring and affect the performance of the components.

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