Hydraulic system commissioning and maintenance

- Sep 25, 2018 -

After starting the machine, carefully check the various pressures according to the system pressure and adjust to the correct value (the system pressure is adjusted to 3.5 MPa, the clamping pressure of the chuck and the tight pressure of the tailstock sleeve are adjusted as needed) ), after the adjustment, the machine tool can perform other work, and the pressure plastic value of each part can be read by the pressure gauge.

Check the liquid level gauge in the fuel tank every day to clean the fuel tank and the fine oil filter cartridge every six months; check the hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders and pipeline joints regularly; whether the hydraulic pump or hydraulic operation is running Abnormal noise; whether the hydraulic cylinder movement is stable; whether the pressure detection points of the hydraulic system meet the requirements, whether the pressure is stable; whether the temperature of the hydraulic oil is within the allowable range.

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  • Medium Voltage Hydraulic Unit
  • Servo Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Small Hydraulic Pump Station
  • Energy Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Axial Thin Oil Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Steel Ball Rollers for Fixture

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