Hydraulic system composition

- Sep 19, 2018 -

The clamping of the chuck is composed of a pressure reducing valve and an electromagnetic reversing valve. In order to avoid sudden power failure and other oil passage interference, a check valve is added to the circuit. The system designed the electromagnet YA2 to be powered off and clamped, and the power is released. The clamping force is adjusted by the pressure reducing valve. A pressure relay is set on the oil inlet path of the chuck cylinder to command a certain pressure. Enter the working state to achieve the necessary security actions. The top of the tailstock sleeve is tightly closed, and the retraction consists of a pressure reducing valve, an electromagnetic reversing valve and a one-way valve. The system is designed with the solenoid valve YA1 energized and tightened, and the through-tightening force is reversed. To adjust.

The hydraulic superposition valve is directly superposed by screws to form the required system, and each superposition valve functions as both a control and a channel. The hydraulic pipe of the machine tool is the whole of the fuel tank and the superimposed valve combination actuator with the seamless steel pipe and the high-pressure oil-resistant rubber hose, so as to realize the energy conversion and energy transfer of the hydraulic system.

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