Hydraulic system design requirements

- Apr 29, 2018 -

The hydraulic system is the supporting part of the mainframe. When designing the hydraulic system, it is first necessary to clarify the requirements of the host for the hydraulic system, including:

1, the host's action requirements

It refers to which actions of the host computer are required to be realized by hydraulic transmission, whether there is contact between these actions and whether to complete a certain automatic cycle or the like. The host may put forward many requirements for the hydraulic system. The designer should analyze these requirements based on the understanding of the host application, work process and overall layout.

2, the host's performance requirements

Refers to the force and movement requirements of the hydraulic actuators in the main engine. The implementing agencies have clear data on the strength and speed required in each working phase, the range of speed control, the smoothness of speed, and the time to complete a cycle. Modern machinery requires high precision, high productivity, and high degree of automation. This requires not only a good static index of its hydraulic system, but also a requirement for its dynamic indicators.

3, the working environment of the hydraulic system

Problems such as temperature and humidity in the working environment, contamination and vibration impact, and the presence of corrosive and flammable substances must be clearly stated. This relates to hydraulic components and media.

4, other requirements

Such as hydraulic equipment in the quality, size and size constraints as well as economic, energy requirements and so on.

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