Oil distributor

- Apr 29, 2018 -

First, the definition

Suitable for the distributor of the oil supply of the fourth shaft fixture.

Second, composition and working methods

The housing, the central shaft and the back cover are respectively installed with two bearings on the central axis inside the housing. There is a pair of oil inlets on the main body, the oil inlet is connected with the central shaft, and the central shaft is provided with a flow passage inside the central shaft. The front end is provided with an oil outlet, the oil enters the flow passage through the oil nozzle, and the oil passes through the outlet nozzle when the center shaft is rotatable.

Third, product advantages

1. Low starting torque

Using a special seal with low resistance, the sliding resistance is minimized, and low torque at startup is achieved.

2. Oil and gas sharing

Because the special seal has excellent sealing performance, it can be used for both hydraulic circuit and pneumatic circuit. The fluid used is a normal mineral oil base fluid or air.

3. Excellent sealing performance and durability

After grinding and hard chrome plating, the sealing sliding surface is super-finished and has excellent sealing performance and durability.

4 high quality steel, strong and durable

Fourth, disassembly method

The cover is unscrewed, the screw is removed, the head and the rod of the oil pressure rotary joint can be separated, and the head can be separated; the shaft is inserted through the base, and then the tail is connected, the screw is installed, and the cover is screwed tightly. That is, the installation is complete.

Five, one to one service

According to customer's oil route requirements, it can customize oil circuit distributors such as 2 circuits, 3 circuits and 4 circuits. Operating pressure up to 14mpa.

Can effectively solve the hydraulic hose and fixed piping to the processing center rotary table for oil, gas supply difficulties. For example, when selecting a 4-circuit type, it can be used to control 4 single-acting oil (gas) cylinders or 2 double-acting oil (gas) cylinders, respectively. Simple structure, easy installation and high efficiency.

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