Small electric putter Model selection Tips

- Dec 26, 2017 -

1, working voltage: Push rod work voltage to meet their own power conditions;

2, maximum load: Putting the maximum load to meet the maximum load of their work environment needs;

3, working frequency: Push rod working frequency has a high and low, this should be based on the use of choice;

4, Speed: Speed This is inversely related to the load. This is based on the actual use of the balance;

5, installation size: This point, each putter is different, according to their own use of the environment installed size selected;

6, Service life: to meet the above conditions of service life, certainly the longer the better.

The key to choosing a small electric putter is the type of putter you fit and need.

  • Hydraulic Station for Machine Center
  • Hydraulic Power Pack Machine Tool
  • Hydraulic Swing Clamp Cylinder with Block Manifold
  • Adjustable Mandrel for Fixture

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