Small energy-saving hydraulic station operation precautions

- Apr 29, 2018 -

Improper handling of small-scale energy-saving hydraulic stations can cause damage to the molds and even safety accidents. Therefore, when operating the equipment, it must be used strictly in accordance with the operating procedures to avoid hazards.

1. The personnel who operate the hydraulic station must be trained and qualified to operate. They must be performed by two people at the same time. One of them is in charge of the order and the other is responsible for specific operations. To ensure the correctness of the implementation, Manipulating the password of the staff member must be repeated aloud before manipulating the manipulating staff, and the staff member is instructed to hear the correct feedback without answer; otherwise, it should be corrected in time;

2. Before the operation, it is necessary to check that the screws for demoulding/clamping have been removed, the hydraulic lines have been connected correctly, and the circuit breakers of each power unit are in the closing state;

3, reset the emergency stop button, start the hydraulic station;

4. Perform demoulding/clamping operations;

5, pressing the emergency stop button after the operation is completed;

6. Close the main power supply.

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