Specification for hydraulic seals in hydraulic cylinders

- Dec 26, 2017 -

The Piston seal RING (Guide ring, Support ring) is used for the piston movement direction, prevents the hydraulic operation is the radial momentum influence the hydraulic seals specification surface wear and the migration phenomenon, or occurs the piston and the hydraulic cylinder inner wall contact to damage the cylinder inner wall. If there is a hydraulic cylinder inside the contact friction, the hydraulic cylinder may face the consequences of scrap, because the heavy wear of the cylinder wall will be the hydraulic seal ring to produce cutting effect, shorten the life of the seal. Therefore, the selection of Piston seal RING Guide ring attention to its strength, elasticity and wear resistance and other related performance.

Hydraulic Cylinder wear-resistant seal ring design is mainly to prevent falling into the piston rod of dust, with the piston rod stretching movement is carried into the end cap and cylinder, so that the hydraulic seal ring and piston seal support ring produced unnecessary damage or wear. Hydraulic cylinder commonly used wear-resistant seal ring is no skeleton type J-type seal ring, it does not participate in the work of the sealing of the medium, its parts due to the regular occurrence of excessive wear and tear. Its working life needs to be improved, moreover, once the seal ring loses the dustproof function, the impurity is brought into the hydraulic cylinder inside, will cause the abrasion to the hydraulic cylinder inner wall and the hydraulic rod outer wall, if after the serious wear it will produce the cutting function to the hydraulic seal ring, shortens the hydraulic cylinder SEAL RING the service life. Therefore in the dust more work sealed environment, wear-resistant seal ring damaged, to timely detect replacement, to ensure that the mechanical seal work effect is not affected.

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