Talking about the processing of the hydraulic cylinder

- Dec 26, 2017 -

As the main components of hydraulic cylinder, single pillar, hydraulic support, gun tube and other products, the quality of the barrel directly affects the life and reliability of the whole product. Cylinder processing requirements, internal surface roughness requirements for the ra0.4~0.8&um, the same axis, wear resistance requirements. The basic characteristic of cylinder is deep hole processing, its processing has been puzzling the processing personnel.

With the rolling process, the surface residual compressive stress is helpful to the closure of the surface micro-cracks and hinders the expansion of the erosion effect. Thus, the corrosion resistance of the surface can be improved, and the fatigue crack may be retarded or enlarged, thus increasing the fatigue strength of cylinder barrel. by rolling and forming, the rolling surface forms a cold hardening layer, which reduces the elasticity and plastic deformation of the contact surface of the grinding, thereby improving the abrasion resistance of the inner wall of the cylinder and avoiding the burn caused by the grinding. After rolling, the reduction of surface roughness value can improve the matching property.

Oil cylinder is the most important part of construction machinery, the traditional processing method is: broaching cylinder body--precision boring cylinder body--grinding cylinder body. Adopt rolling method is: broaching cylinder body--precision boring cylinder body--rolling cylinder body, the process is 3 parts, but time comparison: grinding cylinder body 1 meters in 1-2 days, rolling cylinder body 1 meters around 10-30 minutes of time. Input contrast: Grinder or quilting machine (tens of thousands of--millions of), rolling knife (1-tens of thousands of). After rolling, the surface roughness of the hole is reduced from the ra3.2~6.3um to Ra0.4~0.8&um, the surface hardness of the hole is increased by about 30%, and the fatigue strength of the inner surface of cylinder is increased by 25%. If the life of the cylinder only considers the effect of cylinder, improve the 2~3 times, the boring and rolling process is about 3 times times higher than the grinding process efficiency. The above data shows that the rolling process is efficient, can greatly improve the surface quality of cylinder.

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