The bad consequence and quick repair method of the hole surface scratch in the hydraulic cylinder

- Dec 26, 2017 -

① Cut Groove extrusion material chip foam will be embedded in the seal, the operation in the damage to the work of the seals at the same time, may cause a new scratch area trace Road.

② worsens the surface roughness of cylinder inner wall, increases friction, and easy to produce creeping phenomenon.

③ to increase the internal leakage of the hydraulic cylinder, so that the efficiency of the hydraulic cylinder reduced. The main reasons causing the scratches on the surface of the cylinder are as follows.

The scars caused by assembling the hydraulic cylinder

① assembly when mixed with foreign bodies caused scars hydraulic cylinder before the total assembly, all parts must be fully removed Burr and wash, parts with burrs or dirty on the installation, due to "do not" and parts of the weight, foreign bodies easily embedded into the cylinder wall surface, resulting in scars.

② installation parts occur when the hydraulic cylinder is installed, piston and cylinder head and other parts of large quality, large size, inertia large, even if there are lifting equipment to assist installation, due to the provisions of the gap is small, no matter how hard input, therefore, the end of the piston or cylinder head bump in the cylinder wall inside the surface, very easy to cause scars. Solution to this problem: for a large number of small products on the bulk, the installation of the use of autocratic assembly-oriented tools, heavy, coarse, large and medium-sized hydraulic cylinders, only meticulous, careful operation to avoid.

③ measuring instrument contact caused by the wound is usually used inside the inner diameter dial measurement of the cylinder body diameter, measuring the contact is the side of the friction side of the cylinder inserted in the hole wall, measuring contacts for high hardness of wear-resistant cemented carbide made. Generally speaking, the measurement caused by the small depth of the slender shape of the scratch is slight, does not affect the operating accuracy, but if the measurement of rod head size adjustment improper, measuring contact hard line embedding, will cause more serious scars. The solution to this problem, first of all, is to measure the length of a good measuring head, in addition, with a single hole in the measurement of the paper tape, affixed to the cylinder wall inside the surface, that is, will not produce the above-shaped scratches. The slight scratches caused by the measurement are generally wiped off by the reverse or Ma Zhang of the old emery cloth.

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