The hydraulic cylinder did not take long to break the cause analysis

- Oct 22, 2018 -

Mainly because the current accessories are used for hydraulic movement directly, that is, the current linear reciprocating motion, so the requirements for wear resistance are relatively high, if the manufacturer is producing parts. At the time, the wear resistance is not very concerned, there is no way to use it for a long time, so if the factory is to purchase the parts, it is necessary to consider the wear resistance, in order to get a long time use.

Therefore, when purchasing hydraulic cylinders, we should still consider the wear resistance, especially in the production process, whether it can guarantee the quality of the accessories, etc., all need to be considered, such After understanding, you can purchase the right hydraulic fittings from it, so that you can complete the specific hydraulic movement through such accessories, and it can also ensure the normal operation of the current equipment.

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