The scope of application of CNC machine tools hydraulic station

- May 14, 2018 -

CNC machine tool hydraulic station main technical parameters:

Fuel tank capacity: 40~80L

Working pressure: 2~3.5MPa

Flow rate: 12~33L/min

Motor power: 0.75~2.25KW

Working temperature: 10~55°C

CNC machine hydraulic station performance characteristics:

CNC machine tools hydraulic station fuel tank standardization, miniaturization, light weight, small space; oil block standardization, modular installation, can be combined according to the needs of a variety of control circuit, maintenance and convenient maintenance. Electromagnetic reversing valve can choose low-power (10W) DC coil suitable for the characteristics of CNC machine tools.

The hydraulic station of CNC machine tools includes chucks, tailstocks, tool holders and their combined circuits, which have the functions of energy saving and power failure protection.

The scope of application of CNC machine tools hydraulic station:

CNC machine hydraulic station is suitable for simple CNC lathes and high-grade slant bed CNC lathes. The hydraulic system can be designed and manufactured according to the specific requirements of the customer.

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