What are the hazards of hydraulic shock?

- Apr 29, 2018 -

When the hydraulic shock occurs, the pressure in the system will be several times larger than the normal pressure instantaneously. Especially in the case of high pressure and large flow, it is easy to cause system vibration, noise and even damage to the pipe or some hydraulic components. Affecting the quality of the system's work will in turn reduce its useful life. Also note that high pressures due to pressure surges can cause malfunctions in certain hydraulic components (such as pressure relays) and damage the equipment. The main way to avoid hydraulic shock is to avoid drastic changes in the flow rate. Delaying the change of speed can effectively prevent hydraulic shock. For example, the use of a hydraulic directional valve and a solenoid directional valve can reduce the hydraulic shock because the hydraulic directional valve can control the commutation time slowly.

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