What are the requirements for the design of the hydraulic system?

- May 14, 2018 -

After the host's hydraulic transmission mode is determined, the hydraulic transmission system design task will be proposed. The design requirements for the hydraulic drive system are as follows:

(1) The overall layout of the mainframe and process requirements, including the types of mainframe movements that are accomplished using hydraulic transmission, the types and models of hydraulic actuators that may be used in mechanical design, the size of actuator locations, and the dimensions of the space, and requirements. Automation, etc.

(2) The work cycle of the main engine, the movement of the actuator (moving, turning or swinging), and the completed work;

(3) The movement speed, speed range, working stroke, load nature and change of hydraulic actuators;

(4) The sequence of operations and interlocking requirements of the various components of the host, as well as the working environment and the footprint of each component;

(5) The working performance of the hydraulic system, such as work stability, reliability, commutation precision, dwell time, and punch out volume.


  • High Pressure Hydraulic Unit
  • Frequency-Conversion Hydraulic Unit
  • Frequency-Conversion Hydraulic Station
  • Frequency-Conversion Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Energy Hydraulic Power Plant
  • Rotary T-Nut for Fixture

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