Basic Structure Of Grate Cooler Hydraulic Station

- Apr 27, 2018 -

Grate cooler hydraulic station technical parameters:

Working medium: hydraulic oil;

Rated pressure: 16MPa;

Fuel tank capacity: 2500L;

Rated flow rate: 74L/min;

Motor power: 55KW;

Rated flow: 3*130L/min.

The basic structure of the grate cooler hydraulic station:

Hydraulic system of grate cooler hydraulic station working principle is composed of control valve platform, fuel tank device, actuator (cylinder), circulating pump device and electric control cabinet.

Grate cooler hydraulic station works:

The operating principle of the grate cooler hydraulic station is that the hydraulic pump will input the high pressure oil into the left and right oil chambers of the hydraulic cylinder and push the piston of the hydraulic cylinder to reciprocate. The power will be transmitted to the movable frame through the rotary shaft so as to realize the reciprocating motion of the movable trampoline.


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