Considerations For Hydraulic Components

- Dec 26, 2017 -

(1) According to the pressure and use of the choice of tubing, tubing must have sufficient strength, the wall should be smooth, clean, no sand, no rust, no oxide skin, for long-term storage of pipes, before processing should be pickling, thoroughly clean, scour, and check.

(2) saw cut the pipe, the section and axis direction of the verticality should be ±0.5°, sharp edge must be blunt and remove iron filings, the processing of curved pipe allows its cross-section of the ellipse degree of 10%. When the external diameter <14mm can be used hand and general tool elbow, thicker steel pipe with manual or flexible pipe bending machine, bending pipe radius should generally be 3 times times larger than the diameter of the pipe.

(3) The installation of piping requirements is that the shortest line, turning as little as possible, the highest part of the pipeline should be set up the exhaust device, in order to start off gas.

(4) When installing rubber hose, should avoid sharp turn, its bending radius r≥ (9~l0) d (d is the hose outside diameter). Do not bend near the root of the joint to l≥6d the distance from the hose connector to the beginning of the bend. Hoses should not be reversed when working.

(5) Suction tubing shall not leak, nor should the resistance too large to prevent the intake or oil absorption difficulties to produce cavitation.

(6) Back to the oil pipe mouth must extend to the fuel tank below the surface to prevent the splash generated bubbles. The return tubing of the overflow valve cannot be directly connected with the inlet of the pump, must pass through the fuel tank, or the oil temperature will be too high.

(7) All pipeline installation procedures are divided into two times, the first trial assembly, the pipe joints and flange spot welding in the appropriate position, when all the pipeline test installed qualified, removed after pickling and then formally installed.

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