Good News! Congratulations To Our Company For Obtaining High-tech Enterprise Certification

- May 30, 2018 -



Last year

According to the reply letter of Guoke Huozi [2017] No. 209 and 212 issued on December 21, 2017 of the National High-tech Enterprise Accreditation Management Leading Group Office, the results of the 2017 high-tech enterprise identification were announced.

Ningbo Youzhi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded "High-tech Enterprise"


Ningbo Youzhi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. integrates the advanced technology and customer resources of Taiwan Youzhi Technology R&D Center and specializes in the research, development, production and sales of innovative environmental protection and energy-saving equipment. In order to meet customer's customized requirements better, a new generation of small-scale energy-saving hydraulic stations and energy-saving hydraulic control systems are introduced to achieve wide interconnection between control and inspection; under the increasingly common automated production line, the switching of multiple control and combination modes is improved. The flexibility of production.

In the field of mechanical automation, production is supported by the “Automatic Chemical Fixtures and Equipment Production Line”, and the continuous extension of photovoltaic power generation systems and the application of technical equipment are strongly promoted, providing a one-stop turnkey project for the transformation of industrial machinery and equipment.


The company adheres to the vision of “being the most respected machinery and technology enterprise in the industry” and “contributing to the innovation and progress of mechanical automation and energy-saving technologies” as its mission and making contributions to the development of the industry in the new century!

Product quality is the foundation of the company, and technological innovation is the basis for the sustainable development of the company. Through the recognition of high-tech enterprises, we will guide enterprises to adjust their industrial structure, take the road of independent innovation and continuous innovation, stimulate the enthusiasm of independent innovation, and improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation. Determined to make new contributions to the construction of "Famous City Capital"!


  • HFT-200P Faceplate Tailstock Roller Cam Index Plate Used For Finishing
  • HFT-135P Faceplate Tailstock Roller Cam Turntable
  • Medium Voltage Hydraulic Power Plant
  • Frequency-Conversion Hydraulic Power Pack
  • multi-function hydraulic station
  • YCSY03-L External Thread Support Cylinder

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