How To Choose Pressure Transmitter?

- Jan 29, 2018 -

1.what pressure should the pressure transmitter measure? First, confirm the maximum value of the measurement pressure in the system. Generally speaking, a transmitter with a pressure range of about 1.5 times larger than the maximum value is needed. When selecting a transmitter, the range of pressure, accuracy and stability should be fully considered.

2.confirm the type of measurement of pressure: the pressure gauge, the main types of absolute pressure and differential pressure etc..  Gauge refers to the atmosphere as a benchmark, less than or greater than the atmospheric pressure; pressure refers to the absolute pressure is zero as a benchmark, is higher than the absolute pressure; pressure refers to the pressure difference between the two


3.what kind of pressure medium is: what we need to consider is the medium measured by the pressure transmitter. The viscous liquid and mud will block up the pressure interface. Will the solvent or corrosive substances destroy the transmitter?

4.confirm the form of pressure interface: in the company's products, thread connection (M20 * 1.5) is the standard form of interface. If customers need other special interface forms, they can be designed and produced according to customer requirements.

5.the temperature range of the pressure transmitter: usually a transmitter will demarcate two temperature ranges, that is, the range of the temperature range and the temperature of the normal operation. The normal operation temperature range refers to the temperature range when the transmitter is not damaged under working condition, and it may fail to achieve its performance index when it exceeds the temperature compensation range.

6.confirm the compatibility between measuring medium and contact material: how to select pressure transmitter in some measurement occasions, and measure the medium's corrosiveness. At this time, materials that are compatible with measuring media or special process must be selected to ensure that the transmitter is not damaged.

7.confirm the measurement of pressure pressure transmitter measurement: according to the different media, the pressure transmitter can be divided into dry gas, liquid gas, liquid viscous liquid, strong clothing, high temperature gas liquid, according to different media selection, to prolong the service life of the product.

8.What output signals need to be obtained: mV, V, mA and frequency output digital output

9.confirm the maximum overload of the system: the maximum overload of the system should be smaller than the overload protection limit of the transmitter, otherwise it will affect the life of the product and even damage the product. The overload pressure of the product is 2 times that of the full range.

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