How To Detect The Failure Of The Foaming Machine Hydraulic Station?

- Apr 27, 2018 -

Foaming machine hydraulic station technical parameters:

Material: Cast iron; Applicable range: Hydraulic system; Applicable medium: Anti-wear hydraulic oil; Applicable temperature: 5-55 (°C); Installation type: According to requirements; Nozzle diameter: 6 (mm); Nominal pressure: 7 (MPa).

How to detect the failure of the foaming machine hydraulic station:

1, first from the external leak check, close the ball valve of the external hydraulic line, start the hydraulic station, the temple is good hydraulic upper and lower pressure, can increase the hydraulic pressure to the set value, the fault is the problem of external hydraulic components, check External hydraulic components and detect faulty hydraulic components. If it still fails, it should be the problem of the hydraulic station itself;

2. Check once: hydraulic station manual unloading valve, hydraulic station overflow valve, hydraulic station booster solenoid valve, hydraulic station pressure gauge upper and lower limit control points, find fault points;

3. If there is no fault in the above check, check the hydraulic pump motor, coupling, and hydraulic pump.

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