Hydraulic Station Manufacturers Introduce Non-standard Hydraulic Station Piping Equipment Guidelines

- Apr 27, 2018 -

Hydraulic piping equipment is a primary project of non-standard hydraulic station equipment and equipment. The quality of the pipeline equipment is related to whether the non-standard hydraulic station operation function is normal or not.

1. When piping layout and piping are performed, first consider the hydraulic components, hydraulic components, pipe joints, and flanges that need to be connected.

2. The pipeline materials used must have clear initial material, and the tubes with unknown materials must not be used;

3, hydraulic system pipe diameter 50mm below the available grinding wheel cut start cutting. Pipes with a diameter of more than 50mm should generally be cut by mechanical machining methods;

4, the outer diameter of less than 30mm can be used in the cold bending method. When the outer diameter of the tube is 30-50mm, cold bending or hot bending can be used. When the outer diameter of the pipe is larger than 50mm, the hot bending method is generally selected.

5. When using butt welding for hydraulic pipes, the inner wall of the weld must be 0.3-0.5mm higher than the pipe. No recessed inner wall is allowed. After welding, the welds raised in the inner wall are leveled with a pick or hand wheel. Remove slag and burrs to reach the light level;

6, in the welding process, should avoid wind, rain, snow invasion. After welding of pipelines, welds with a wall thickness of less than or equal to 5 mm shall be naturally cooled at room temperature, and forced cooling shall not be forced by strong wind or water.

7, the weld should be thoroughly penetrated, the surface should be uniform and flat. Welds in pressure pipelines should be inspected by inspection.

8. After piping, piping, welding, and pre-equipment, the pipes are opened again for pickling and phosphating.


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