Hydraulic System--closed Hydraulic System Composed And Working Principle

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Hydraulic system composition and working principle pump station, fuel tank, conversion valve group, hydraulic motor, pipeline and so on. Hydraulic components are used Rexroth Company products. A total of 2 sets of relatively independent closed-type hydraulic system, between the two systems with pipe road and valve parts, so that 2 sets of stranded machine in single stranded can be mutually standby, in the dual-machine can be twisted together. Single stranded, only one stranded machine work, another stranded machine standby, when the work of the diesel engine-hydraulic system failure, by opening (or closed) the relevant pipe valve, can make the standby machine system into work.

The hydraulic main pump of winch is closed loop axial plunger variable pump. Hydraulic motors are axial plunger variable motors. The cutter control machine is controlled by PLC. PLC receives the rope speed signal from the cable winch, the pressure signal from the pressure sensor and the input signal of the control handle, then data processing through the controlling program, so that the cutter function can realize synchronization and limit the load output directly by controlling the displacement of the main pump. Each cutter is still operated by its own control handle. To ensure that the rated working force is 245kN and through the pressure shut-off valve in the main pump to ensure that the machine limit load output does not exceed the design value. In the manual control of the dual-machine twisted State, artificial starting 1th and 2nd host. The cutter operates through its own control handles. The stranding machine has no synchronous control, and the speed of the cutter is controlled by the proportion of their control handles. When the total load force of the two machines exceeds the set value, the 2-stranded machines are controlled by PLC to reduce the total output force. In the automatic load balancing dual-machine twisted State, the 2-stranded machine operates through the same control handle. Two machine speed through the same control handle of the same output signal that is the main pump phase warping ship---row volume to achieve synchronization. When the two stranded machine load difference and the difference exceeds the predetermined proportional value, the PLC will be instructed to slow down the overload machine to allow the light load machine to bear more load. When the total load force of the two machines exceeds the set value, the two stranding machines are controlled by PLC to limit the total output force.

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