Industrial Furnace Metallurgical Equipment Hydraulic Station Structure And Principle

- Apr 26, 2018 -

1. Liquid level adopts hydraulic controller to ensure that the liquid level of the system is controlled in a suitable range;

2, using double pump, motor drive, multi-valve, to ensure the quality of the system components;

3, the pump station has a cleaning window to facilitate the maintenance of the equipment, spray inside and outside the fuel tank treatment, all-round anti-rust;

4. Modular design can quickly replace problematic parts and minimize loss;

5, multi-way valve to reduce system heat when working;

6, temperature control using electrical contact temperature controller to ensure that the working media control in a reasonable range.

Industrial furnace metallurgical equipment hydraulic station features:

1. The system power adopts a design method of one-for-one, one-for-one and emergency, which can work without shutdown for 24 hours;

2, the use of fire-resistant hydraulic fluid, the use of special hydraulic components;

3, the use of tubular water cooling, to ensure the system's thermal balance.


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  • Electric Hydraulic Station
  • Mini Hydraulic Power Pack for Lift
  • Oil Hydraulic Cylinder for Fixture
  • Swivel Clamping Screw
  • Hook Clamp Fixture

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