Installation Tips For Hydraulic Components

- Dec 26, 2017 -

(1) The performance grade of the connecting screws of the valve must meet the requirements of the manufacturer and shall not be substituted arbitrarily. The connection screws should be evenly tightened (do not hammer or forcibly twist), do not twist, and finally make the installation plane of the valve and the floor or the circuit block installation plane all contact.

(2) Should pay attention to the inlet and back to the oil port azimuth, some valves such as the inlet and return oil mouth installed counter, will cause accidents. Some valve parts for the convenience of installation, often open with a function of two holes, the installation of a need to block.

(3) The installation of hydraulic valves shall conform to the requirements of the manufacturing and system design drawings.

(4) plate valve or cartridge valve must have the correct directional measures.

(5) In order to ensure safety, the valve installation must take into account the gravity, impact, vibration on the main parts of the valve impact.

(6) Directional valve should be maintained at the horizontal axis level installation;

(7) The general need to adjust the valve parts (such as flow valve, pressure valve, etc.), clockwise rotation, increase flow, pressure, counterclockwise rotation, then reduce flow, pressure.

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