Introduction To The Conditions Of Use Of The Hydraulic Wheel Stop

- Apr 27, 2018 -

Gear wheel hydraulic station technical parameters:

Applicable temperature: 0-60 (°C); nominal pressure: 31.5 (MPa); material: carbon steel, stainless steel; applicable medium: hydraulic oil; scope of application: steel, metallurgy, injection molding, rubber, ceramics, ports; fuel tank volume: 130L; Nominal flow: 1.54L/h (0.0255/min); Working pressure: 4-10MPa.

Gear wheel hydraulic station conditions of use:

Rotary kiln support rollers should be installed parallel to the centerline of the kiln body. The kiln body is placed obliquely. Under the action of its own weight, there is a downward trend. The hydraulic thrust transmission wheel hydraulic station is used to make the kiln body according to the expected speed (generally about 2-3mm/ h) Forced stumbling and controlled slip, effectively guaranteeing uniform contact and wear of the wheel belt and the carrier wheel, and saving the workload of the wheel adjustment.

The normal upstream and downstream stroke of the hydraulic gear wheel is ±10mm. When the up-down flow stroke reaches 15mm, an alarm signal should be issued. When the up-down flow reaches the limit stroke (±30mm), the main motor should be stopped immediately. It is permissible to make a small variation of ±1-2 mm for the above control stroke by means of the adjustment switch.

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