Mine Hydraulic Station Installation Regulations

- Apr 27, 2018 -

Mine hydraulic station installation regulations:

1. The oil pump, valve, internal oil pipe, fuel tank, etc. of the hydraulic station must be cleaned, coated with engine oil after drying, and then assembled. The pipe joints are under 0.7 MPa oil pressure, and oil leakage is forbidden;

2. The installation elevation of the hydraulic station must meet the requirements of the equipment's technical documentation. When the factory technical documents are not specified, the return nozzle of the secondary brake safety brake must be 80mm higher than the centerline of the disc brake cylinder;

3, hydraulic station oil must comply with the provisions of the factory technical documents;

4. When the brake lever is in the full braking position, the DC mA meter must be close to zero. The residual pressure of the brake cylinder must be less than 0.5 MPa.

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