New Generation Of Energy-saving Hydraulic Station

- Apr 26, 2018 -

The existing hydraulic station system is powered by an ordinary asynchronous motor as the power of a quantitative pump or a variable pump. Under a certain load, in the hydraulic system of the quantitative pump, the pump output flow is a certain value, but the load has speed and pressure requirements. Therefore, a part of the flow needs to flow back from the overflow valve to the tank. The pump is always full power output, so that the hydraulic station is always in a discharged state.

With the strengthening of the global environmental protection mechanism, the rapid penetration of electrical automation into processing factories has increasingly higher demands on machines, and energy-saving products are bound to develop rapidly. Therefore, the trend of energy saving and automation has increasingly affected the quality of production. effectiveness.

The new-generation energy-saving hydraulic station monitors the pressure value of the plunger pump in real time through a high-sensitivity sensor. When the control valve is closed, the pressure in the plunger pump is greater than the set pressure of the controller. The controller issues an instruction to make the SR motor run at a low speed. To achieve the purpose of saving electricity. In the hold pressure state, by reducing the speed of the motor, thereby reducing power consumption, reducing fuel consumption, to achieve power efficiency of about 70%. By monitoring the pressure, the required flow rate is supplied in accordance with the load condition at work. The compact and lightweight structure design saves space and resources. Compared with the equivalent hydraulic station, it only uses 30% of oil storage, saves two-thirds of the oil, and saves more than 60% of space.


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