Ningbo Youzhi Technology Co., Ltd. Becomes First-Class Agent Of Aerospace Engineering Equipment: Assisting In Promoting Friction Stir Welding Technology

- May 29, 2018 -

Helps promote solid-phase welding methods

Provides total solution for friction stir welding

May 23, 2018, Ningbo Youzhi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. and Aerospace Engineering Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation.Friction stir welding jigs represented by Yuzhi Technology are designated technology providers for aerospace engineering equipment.At the same time to undertake aerospace friction stir welding equipment host level agents, is committed to providing customers with an overall solution.

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Professional achievement future

For many years, Youzhi Technology has always adhered to the spirit of “professionalism, ability to surpass” and continued to innovate.Friends of the Taiwan Science and Technology Research and Development Center, specializing in innovative environmental protection and energy-saving equipment research and development and manufacturing;In order to achieve wide interconnection between control and monitoring, under the increasingly common automated assembly line,It provides customers with switching of various control and combination modes in the automation field of fixture clamping fixtures, which improves the flexibility of production.

In recent years, in order to protect the environment and save energy, people strongly hope that vehicles such as automobiles, airplanes, locomotives, and other transportation vehicles will be lightweight. For this reason, the light metal materials such as aluminum and its aluminum alloys are actively developed and developed. Anti-corrosion, easy forming and other advantages; With the appearance of new hard aluminum, super hard aluminum and other materials, so that the continuous improvement of the performance of such materials, and thus in the aviation, aerospace, high-speed trains, high-speed ships, automotive and other industrial manufacturing More and more widely used. In order to solve a series of problems in the melting of aluminum and aluminum alloys, a new solid-phase welding method, friction stir welding, was developed.



Integrity makes a success

As a growth company, it was recognized as a high-tech enterprisefour years after its establishment. This is not only a strong testimonial of product technology and quality, but it is also recognized by many domestic partners.

Partners such as IKD, Quanfeng Holdings, Renmin Group and other companies cover automobile and motorcycle parts manufacturing, machining, etc., which is attributed to the fact that the founders of the Friends of the Intel Corporation have already reached 20 in the industry sector. More than one year.In the past two years, the company's general manager Chen Youzhan led the technical core backbone and the Aerospace Engineering Technology Center around the application characteristics of friction stir welding technology, and developed fixture rigidity, how to complete long welding, large cross-section, different position welding at one time, etc. Aspects of communication and testing in rotation. The successful research and development of this supporting technology symbolizes the breakthrough in the friction stir welding fixture technology of Youzhi Technology and creates a good reputation in the industry.General Manager Zhang Jiancheng of IKD Company recently commented: Next, we will complete the friction stir welding related product technology by entrusting Youzhi Technology, because in the past few years of cooperation, every commitment of Youzhi Technology has been perfect with actions. Presented; I believe that all the technology, quality, personnel, and service of Youzhi Technology are trustworthy.



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