Roller Press Hydraulic Station Working Principle

- Apr 27, 2018 -

Roller press hydraulic station technical parameters:

1, the rated flow of hydraulic pump: 14L/min;

2, motor power: 7.5KW;

3, hydraulic station rated pressure: 16Mpa;

5, the use of media: VG68 (VG46) anti-wear hydraulic oil;

6, the tank volume: 400L;

7. Work schedule: 90mm.

Roller press hydraulic station working principle:

When the oil level and oil temperature of the hydraulic press of the roller press are normal, the hydraulic station is activated to start the ready signal. The hydraulic pump is started, and the hydraulic station runs at a low load. After the main control program of the hydraulic press of the roller press issues the start-up signal of the roller press, the electromagnetic valve on the hydraulic station is energized, and the hydraulic station is in the overflow running state. The roller press is set on the hydraulic press. The electromagnetic directional valve on the control valve block is energized and commutated, hydraulic oil is injected into the piston end of the hydraulic cylinder, and the hydraulic pump is turned into a low-load operation.

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