TCM To YOUZHI Diagnosis

- May 30, 2018 -

YOUZHI is usually called by family members.Has always advocated "healthy life, happy work, and the inheritance of happiness" as corporate culture.Zhang Jing, chairman of the company to make everyone have a better body, in the midst of his busy schedule, invited Dr. Li, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine for several decades, to make a pulse and diagnose his employees.


On the morning of Saturday morning, Dr. Li began to diagnose the pulse of employees and provided effective recommendations for conditioning the body.Of course, people who are healthy are happy. For those who have a small illness, such as “urban diseases”, doctors will propose corresponding treatments and pay attention to diet, sleep, and exercise habits.However, Dr. Li emphasized that people are urged not to wait until there is a disease to cure the disease. More importantly, there is a concept of prevention: there are two types of illnesses: physical and psychological. The majority of physical illnesses come from the mouth, and the dietary rhythm is a major prevention measure. The key, combined with proper exercise, allows the blood to circulate and the talent will be more spiritual.


After the consultation, Dr. Li also joined everyone in attending a book meeting of Zhizhizhi Company to empty the body and enrich the soul.The "Mental Communication" reading meeting at 11pm every Saturday is our YOUZHI constant exchange time, or work, or life, or mood, or sentiment. It is the combination of work and study

Welcome to the YOUZHI family


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