Technical Development Trend Of Hydraulic Components And Core Components

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Nowadays, the technical development of hydraulic components and core parts is striving to develop high integration, high power density, intelligence, electromechanical integration and light small, micro hydraulic components. Actively adopt new

Technology, new materials and electronics, sensors and other high-tech. Focusing on the hydraulic industry for more than more than 10 years, Shanghai strong Field Hydraulic Co., Ltd., with the hydraulic components to high-performance, high quality, high reliability, system set direction, low energy consumption, low noise, vibration, no leakage and pollution control, the application of water-based media to adapt to environmental protection requirements, has been invested in special research Carry out technical research in the industry. So, now looking at the development of the industry, intelligence, Energy saving, green, reliability will be the main trend of industry technology development in the future.


The future development trend of machine equipment is to improve safety, reduce labor intensity, so it is necessary to operate system easy operation and user-friendly Man-machine interface, and even automated unmanned; Secondly, it is required to improve the precision and dynamic performance of the machine, requiring the movement and power control system to improve the accuracy of the machine; In order to improve the reliability and long life of products during service period, reduce maintenance time and reduce personnel cost, the system has the ability of condition monitoring, fault diagnosis and intelligent maintenance. The hydraulic component industry must improve its intelligence to meet the requirements of host equipment. The intelligent technology of the whole life cycle of the hydraulic component product is the important technology development demand that meets the demand of machine and equipment in the future.


Low-carbon, energy-saving, emission reduction and environmental friendliness are the strategic requirements for the sustainable development of the hydraulic industry, in the future, through structural optimization and active control methods to improve the efficiency of components and systems, reduce the vibration of components and systems, noise and transmission media leakage, electronic control to replace variable components of traditional mechanical and pilot control mode The software program decides the function and enhances the global optimization matching ability of the system.

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