Thanks For Having You! Outstanding YOUZHI Person!

- Jun 01, 2018 -


Outstanding YOUZHI person,

The selection list will be announced in May!

    Comprehensive department: yan yan 

Business department: careless;

                                                     Trade department: Mia wong;

  Fixture department: tang jinxiu;

  Hydraulic department: ye rongjie


Company since 2017, started the "outstanding YOUZHI person" selection activities, activity purpose is to thank you, thank you all for your friend think of pay, adhering to the healthy life, happy work and happy idea!

Looking back on 17 years,

YOUZHI has obtained many honors and certificates:

Won the national high-tech enterprise,

Jiangbei Technology R&D Center,

Smart group 1,

Quality system certification and other certifications;

In terms of technology research and development,

Won five invention patents,

Twelve practical patents,

Seven software copyrights.

Thanks to our close cooperation with our good partners, we are fortunate to meet new partners and thank our customers.

On behalf of the company, I would like to thank the Friends of the Friend who have come along with the company!

Your excellence, we all have it!

Thanks for having you, excellent friend and wise man!

The spirit of a team is a kind of strength, and one kind of unyielding effort is to strive for the upper reaches. People's hearts are together, Taishan moves. The team's spirit of honesty, unyieldingness, daring to be the first, not delaying, and actively working hard!

Finally, conclude with the words of Zhang:

Our team is really great! Great!


  • HFT-320P Faceplate Tailstock Fourth Axis Solutions Engraving
  • Servo Hydraulic System
  • Small Hydraulic Pump Pack
  • Hydraulic Power Pack Machine Tool
  • YCSY00-H High Quality Strong Type Support Cylinder Hydraulic Pressure
  • Swivel Clamping Screw

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