The Main Function Of The Mine Hoist Hydraulic Station

- Apr 26, 2018 -

Mine hoist hydraulic station technical parameters:

Working oil temperature 15 ~ 65 °C; working medium YB-N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil; maximum working oil pressure 14 MPa; oil tank storage capacity 500 L; secondary braking delay time 0 ~ 10 s; maximum oil supply 15 l /min.

Mine hoist hydraulic station main functions:

1, working brake

The mine hoist hydraulic station provides adjustable pressure oil for the disc brakes, which allows the hoist to obtain different braking torques; it allows the mine hoist to operate normally, regulate speed, and stop.

2, pressure protection

The system is equipped with overpressure protection. When the pressure exceeds the opening pressure 2~3MPa, an alarm signal is issued and the hoist is stopped.

3, unloading

The hydraulic station uses a variable displacement pump as the system's working oil source to make the system more reasonable and avoid large amounts of heat.

4, temperature protection

During system operation, an alarm signal is issued when the temperature exceeds the allowable temperature of the system. However, during the second lift, the main motor cannot be energized and must wait for the oil temperature to drop before it can work properly.


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