The Main Role Of Mining Winch Hydraulic Station

- Apr 27, 2018 -

The mining winch hydraulic station adopts an adjustable electrical delayed secondary brake hydraulic station. The proportional valve is used to regulate the pressure. Two sets of motors, pumps and pressure regulating devices are configured. One set of operation and one set of standby are used to ensure the reliable operation of the hoist. The hydraulic components are arranged on the fuel tank panel in an integrated manner, which facilitates maintenance and inspection.

Mining winch hydraulic station technical parameters:

Working oil temperature: 15°C-65°C; Hydraulic pressure: 6.5Mpa; Fuel storage capacity: 490L.

The main role of mining winch hydraulic station:

1. The hydraulic oil supplied to the disc brake can be adjusted steplessly to obtain different braking torques;

2. Under any accident condition, the brake oil pressure can be quickly reduced to a preset value. After a delay, the entire oil pressure value of the brake rapidly drops to zero, so that the brake reaches the full braking state.

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