The Principle Of Vertical Mill Hydraulic Station

- Apr 27, 2018 -

Limo hydraulic station is a vertical mill roller pressure hydraulic station, mainly used for vertical mill roller pressure cylinder and maintenance cylinder pressure and direction of movement control, vertical mill hydraulic station is mainly composed of fuel tank , pump motor group, hydraulic oil control valve group, oil filter, hydraulic oil pipe and hydraulic table.

The principle of vertical mill hydraulic station:

The motor drives the gear pump through the oil filter through the coupling to suck oil from the oil tank. The gear pump outputs high pressure and enters the control valve block via the high pressure oil pipe. The high pressure oil entering the control valve block is filtered through the pressure filter and enters the port of the proportional relief valve. The role of the proportional relief valve is to remotely regulate the working pressure of the hydraulic station through a proportional amplifier.

Another way high-pressure oil enters the mouth of the electromagnetic reversing valve. It comes out of the electromagnetic reversing valve port and enters the pilot-operated check valve. After passing through the electromagnetic ball valve, the control valve block exits through the high-pressure oil pipe and enters the stop valve. After the plate ball valve, it enters the main system through the hydraulic system. The rod chamber of the cylinder and the accumulator, at this time the grinding roller starts to work under the pulling of the piston rod of the main cylinder.

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