The Second Generation Energy-saving Hydraulic Station. Zhihui Series

- Apr 26, 2018 -

Situation Analysis

With the continuous deepening of the socialist market economy, the supply and demand relations between the hydraulic, pneumatic, and sealed products have undergone major changes. In the long term, the buyer’s market characterized by “structural excess” has been replaced. From the perspective of overall capacity, it is in a situation of oversupply, especially low-level hydraulic, pneumatic, and seals, which are generally oversupply: high-tech products with high technological content and high value-added products that are in urgent need of main engines cannot satisfy the market. Needs, can only rely on imports. In response to the structural contradiction of the industry itself, it is necessary to increase efforts to adjust the industrial structure and product structure, that is, to rely on the improvement of quality and promote the upgrading of product technology so as to adapt to and stimulate market demand and achieve greater development.

Development Significance

The intelligent hydraulic station centered on the customer's needs greatly simplifies the operation of the machine tool control. It is suitable for various types of machine tools and various types of control systems. It is convenient for docking and easy to promote. Many PLC control systems for the machine tools are fixed. Even if they need to be modified, they need to be operated by related professionals. It is also necessary to consider whether the input and output points are sufficient. It is very troublesome to modify them. The intelligent hydraulic station solves this problem to some extent. problem.

Performance advantages

The intelligent hydraulic station breaks through the advantages that many hydraulic stations in China do not have. Based on the original energy-saving hydraulic station, it integrates the functions required by the fixture industry, such as hydraulic pressure, gas pressure, and gas detection. Service.

Adopting the latest hydraulic servo energy-saving scheme, under the condition of maintaining pressure, through the rotation speed of the motor, thereby reducing the cost of electricity consumption and reducing the oil temperature, achieving power efficiency of about 70%; fast response, high production efficiency, and maximum pressure during packing The displacement reaction time is about 0.1 seconds. The hydraulic servo system has strong adjustment ability. The pressure closed-loop control mode makes the system pressure very stable and the pressure fluctuation is +-0.5bar, which improves the quality of product processing.

Zhihui series

Equipped with a programmable controller and a cost-effective touch screen, it can receive only one clamping signal from the upper computer, and can handle the hydraulic clamping action, pneumatic clamping action and gas detection action required by the machine; it can distinguish at least four sets of elastic actions. The sequencing order can distinguish two machine tools to control a group of hydraulic valves, a group of pneumatic valves and a set of gas inspection devices. According to the situation of the fixtures, two modes can be selected. The hydraulic pressure can be selected by itself, and they are all corresponding to the gas detection devices. According to the control method of the machine tool itself, two control methods, button output and relay passive output, can be selected. Whether to use the energy-saving valve group can be selected; whether or not to perform hydraulic pressure and pressure monitoring of each valve group, and the detection signals may be shielded. The hydraulic station only supplies one machine tool, so that a set of information is exported to a machine tool control system for information sets such as a hydraulic clamping signal, a gas detection signal, an oil level signal, and a motor temperature signal, which greatly simplifies the operation of the machine tool control. Suitable for various types of machine tools and various types of control systems, convenient docking, easy to promote.

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