The Wide Application Of Hydraulic Industry

- Dec 26, 2017 -

With the rapid development of microelectronics and digital technology, the automation degree of industrial control is more and more high. The field of hydraulic industry is also developing toward the direction of Intellectualization, the micro-controller combines the digital control technology and electro-hydraulic controlling technology organically, and forms the new hydraulic technology. The programmable sequence is widely used in the industrial Process Control field because of its high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, higher performance price ratio and easy operation.

This paper mainly studies the application of the hydraulic control system of centrifuge, mainly including the hardware design and software design of PLC. Centrifuge control system hardware configuration in general, the use of a typical computer structure, from the central processing unit, memory, input and output interface circuit and other circuits are composed. The hardware configuration of the centrifuge control system is as follows: in the centrifugal pouring control system, two closed loops need to be controlled.

The most common and effective way of regulating in industry is PID regulation. Output/input template configuration because the control actuator is a high-precision analog control element-electro-hydraulic servo proportional valve, therefore, the use of analog output template 470-tractor and agricultural transport vehicles two sensors for digital detection components, in order to speed up processing speed, the selection of intelligent input template-Digital position decoder IP241, Built-in encoder matching template, can be obtained at the same time two position encoder actual location, reduce the programming and CPU workload. Communication processor configuration as the centrifuge machine has more functions, it needs expansion unit, so the communication interface template is used to assign addresses for each slot.

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