Using These Four Methods Can Ensure That The Hydraulic Station Works More Normally

- Apr 26, 2018 -

Which of the better methods can be used to ensure that the hydraulic station works more properly? Let us take a look at the following four points:

1. The pipelines of the hydraulic station need to be all pickled, lime water is used for the neutralization treatment, and the processed pipes are not to be welded, and the raw material belts of the pipe joint threads are to be prevented from entering the pipelines of the hydraulic station. in.

2. The interior of the hydraulic tank of the hydraulic station uses kerosene for cleaning, and after washing, it uses flour and lumps to stick out the dirt in the tank.

3. The hydraulic oil added to the hydraulic tank of the hydraulic station must be filtered in advance by using a filter. Never add hydraulic oil directly to the tank.

4. Replace the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic station for a fixed time, and perform a certain test on the oil at the time of replacement.

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